Screw manufacturing can be done following samples or by drawings in several materials, with the possibility to make different profile based on material.

Main materials are:

  • Nitrited steel (41CrAlMo7) 60 HRC
    It is a steel, with aluminium, chrome, molybdenum which, during the heat treatment, create nitruri very strong, which rise hardness of 1050 HV approx. This material is suggested where there are not problems of corrosion and wear.
  • Hardened steel (X155CrMoV121) 58-60 HRC
    It has a very high percentage of chrome, which gives a good strenght and long life. This material is suggested where there are wear problems.
    Life: 2-3 times standard nitrided
  • Hardened steel to 60-62 HRC – Isotrix
    This hardened steel has an high percentage of chrome, tungsten, vanadium which guarantee a very high resistance to wear and corrosion. These characteristics can give a life longer than a plasticized screw build in X155CrMoV121
    Life: 4-5 times standard nitrided
  • (X155CrMoV121) with CLIN-NIVE 1200 Vichers
    CLIN-NIVE is an heat treatment for italian market only (for plastic stamping) which increase screw performances in terms of resistance to abrasive and corrosive materials with no impact in cost
    Minimum delivery time: 6 working weeks
  • Sintered steel
    Sintered steel screws complete our product range. These materials are chosen according to product characteristics to be processed, granting screw lifetime equal to 12 times of nitrided steel screws.


Overlay Hardness Wear resistance (1-5) Corrosion resisteance (1-5)
Stellite Gr.1 50-55 HRC 4 3
Stellite Gr.12 45-48 HRC 3 3
Castotig 5 58-62 HRC 5 3
Base Nikel 56 52-55 HRC 4 5