AL-DA TEC Werkzeugbau GmbH is leader in production and reparation of screws, barrels and screwtips for injection moulding machines and food and plastic extruders.
Our production philosophy is focus on client satisfaction.
That is why after 40 years in the market, with a continuous research of new materials and development of technologies more and more enhanced, we are the leader in our field and we can satisfy all customer requests.
Our point of strength is our flexibility to meet client requirements by means of direct contact between technical and manufacturing department and a dynamic and young staff.



AL-DA TEC Werkzeugbau GmbH with his production facility in Italy, a few kilometers from Milan and from main airports in the North of Italy, is the leader in production and reparation of screws (maximum length 5 meter), barrels (maximum diameter 220mm) and screw-tips for injection moulding machines and extruders for plastics and food since 1975.